Thank you for considering becoming RINA’s active member. RINA’s membership is open to all organizations and individuals who agree to abide by and uphold the RINA’s bylaws.
There are three categories of membership which require a modest annual contribution.

1. Active membership: This category includes all voting members who want to experience personal satisfaction that through their votes and involvement, they are shaping up the future of RINA and contributing their much needed talents, time and resources to change lives in our community. The minimum contribution of active members is $50 (working adults) and $25 (students).

2. Allied membership:
Allied membership category includes organizations/individuals who are empathetic to, or engaged in issues that are germane to the RINA’s mission. This membership level requires a minimum contribution of $250/Year.

3. Honorary membership: This category includes members who are nominated (annually) on the basis of their distinguished contribution and service to RINA.

Please use the form below to let us know you would like to be our member. Upon receipt of the form, one of our representatives will contact you to give you a formal application form and to answer any question or concern you may have.