Urugwiro Annual Conference

After over five years serving the US-Rwandan diaspora, RINA has realized that many diaspora members are becoming socially, culturally, and emotionally disconnected from our home country. To confront the problem, RINA has taken an initiative to organize an annual conference with the purpose to instill the sense of self-awareness and oneness among our diaspora members with . Our ultimate goal is to use this conference as a platform for members to discuss and explore through provocative discussion panels and awakening speeches, different ways in which the diaspora can be transformed into coalition of ethical leaders and responsible citizens who are sensitively aware of today’s global challenges.

Although we currently serve the US-Rwandan diaspora, our conference attracts diverse groups and individuals from all over the world. Every year, our conference focuses on a particular issue that is most crucial to the diaspora’s success. Our recent Urugwiro conference with special focus on education was held at Georgetown University and was addressed by Congressman Elijah Cummings, Rwandan Ambassador James Kimonyo, various educators, members and leaders of the African diaspora.

Our goals for the 2012 Urugwiro Conference are simple, but bold: to raise awareness of global interest of members of our community, to share and showcase our rich cultural traditions, and to foster stronger ties and partnerships with friends of Rwanda and Africa as a continent. It is scheduled on May 26th -27th, at 4-H National Youth Conference Center (7100 Connecticut Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815).
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