USA Rwandan Women Convention

USA Rwandan Women Convention, “ Empowering Rwandan Women in Diaspora, Challenges & opportunities”. Washington, DC: March 18th – 19th, 2016

In the Spirit of Celebrating International Women’s Day, the United States Rwandan Diaspora (USRD) in collaboration with Embassy of Rwanda in Washington, DC, and Rwandan International Network Association (RINA) will join their hands and hearts in celebrating the first USA Rwandan Women Convention themed “Empowering Rwandan Women in Diaspora, Challenges and Opportunities”. Rwanda has been praised all over the world not only for its progress but also for advancing women’s rights and women empowerment. Currently, Rwandan women hold 64% of seats in Rwanda’s parliament which is more than any other country in the world.

USRD and RINA are Non-Profit organizations whose missions are to encourage and facilitate the utilization of collective talents and resources in order to strengthen their diaspora communities by equipping members to became ethical leaders and responsible citizen who are sensitively aware of today’s global challenges. Although currently serve the US Rwanda Diaspora, our conventions/events attract diverse groups and individuals from all over the world.

Why a USA Rwandan Diaspora Women Convention?

Drawing from experiences and inspiration from successful leadership roles played by Rwandan Women both in USA and in Rwanda, the USA Rwandan Diaspora Women Convention was conceptualized to bring together women and their supporters from various backgrounds to provide a platform to develop awareness about women needs, opportunities and also, learn together what can be done to tackle the challenges at their disposal, while advancing the importance of women empowerment through education, career opportunities without losing our identity and culture.


  • Assessment of challenges faced by Rwandan Women in the USA Diaspora and setting up specific and achievable initiatives to meet these challenges.
  • Bridging intergenerational barriers and creating mentorships programs to empower young generations especially girls and boys at risk.
  • Building from inspirational leadership and achievements, Identify and define areas where Women in Diaspora can fill the gaps in a sustainable impact.

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Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

Rwandan International Network association (RINA) is currently accepting applications for 2017 scholarships (Secondary Schools only). The scholarship was founded by RINA as a part of its initiatives to promote the education of young Rwandans as well as to contribute to the development of Rwanda. This merit and need-based scholarship will be awarded annually to the young Rwandans who meet the qualification criteria. The amount of money awarded to each scholarship recipient will depend on the cost of tuition and board of the school he/she attends. Unless otherwise stated, successful scholarship recipients may re-apply for their scholarship award for up to 5 subsequent years as long as funds are available

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Give the Gift of Education

There are many students, both in Rwanda and in the diaspora facing financial constraints barring them from acquiring higher education. RINA is working to elevate the socio-economic position of the needy and deserving Rwandan students by providing access to secondary and post-secondary education through merit and need-based scholarships. Our ultimate goal is therefore to help these bright students who would otherwise stay home go to school and reach their full potential.

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