Our Team


Yohani Kayinamura, Ph.D


A professor of Chemistry, Dr. Yohani Kayinamura volunteers as the president of RINA.  Yohani is an educator, a leader, and a social and business entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Umuryango Children’s Network, a non-profit organization that seeks to see the Rwandan... Read More


Jackson Mvunganyi


Jackson Muneza Mvunganyi is a multimedia reporter and host Upfront a Youth oriented talk show on the Voice of America. Each week, Upfront reaches millions of young adults on the African continent and beyond. Jackson discusses with African youth on issues ranging from leadership,education,innovation... Read More

Devin Johnson


Devin Johnson grew up in Ormond Beach, FL. She graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South, in 2009 where she studied English literature. Devin spent from 2010-2012 in the Peace Corps in Rwanda working as a Health and Community Development volunteer. She is now studying... Read More


Immaculate Busingye


Treasurer Immaculate Busingye is the co-founder and Executive Treasurer of Rwandan International Network association (RINA). Immaculate also serves on the US Rwandan Diaspora Executive Team as their Treasurer.  Immaculate holds an MBA degree from Ashford University in Iowa... Read More


Nassi Agaba

Youth Coordinator

Agaba Bisengo has been with RINA since its beginning in July 2007: where she serves as a youth coordinator. She organizes youth activities, leads fundraising events along with RINA committee, and coordinates community meetings at times. Agaba is the Executive Assistant to the... Read More


Alex Sharangabo

Sports and Culture Coordinator

Alexis Sharangabo, is the co-founder and RINA’s Culture and Sports coordinator and has been an active member since RINA’s foundation in 2006. A  graduate in Organizational Leadership and a concentration in Management, he is currently pursuing his career in Hotel Management... Read More


Vianney Rurangwa

Sports and Culture Coordinator

A Rwandan national and RINA’s  co-founnder and executive member.  A graduate from the National University of Rwanda with a BA in Public Administration.  He is a culture/sports coordinator with a great passion and enthusiasm for the culture of his native country Rwanda... Read More


Henriette Mutegwaraba

Public Relations

Henriette Mutegwaraba was born in Rwanda and studied Public Relations at University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a survivor of the Rwandan 1994 who lost more than 60 members of her family; including her Mother, father and her four Siblings. She worked 4 years at Kigali genocide... Read More


Alex-Marie Secondaire

Representative: Texas

Alexis Marie Secondaire is the Roman Catholic Dominican (OPM) in the community of deaf& hard of hearing persons in United States (Dominican Missionaries for the Deaf Apostolate) .He is President Co- founder of Charity Foundations: Living with Mary Nyinawajambo, Indabo za... Read More