About Us

Who we are
Rwandan International Network (RINA) is a community-based, non-profit organization started and led by the members of Rwandan diaspora community. Its  primary focus is to empower and support the members of the diaspora in order to enable them to play an active role in improving the quality of life in their families, their country and in the world as a whole.

Our Mission
Our mission is to encourage the utilization of collective talents and resources in order strengthen the community by providing mutual support and supporting economic sustainability in our communities as well as in Rwanda.

    Our Goals
1. Promote and facilitate cross-cultural competence in our communities
2. Encourage and help members enlarge their economic and professional goals
3. Provide financial and social support to members of the community
4. Create and identify strategic partnerships and job opportunities
5. Establish bridges between Rwanda and the world.
6. Serve as first stop for quality information needed by our members and partners.
7. Create sense of community pride and identity